Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen Downlight

A new pinnacle of lighting design

We’ve partnered with the innovative team at John Cullen Lighting to create a unique, fully-recessed speaker downlight, delivering immersive, multi-room audio and lighting from behind a near-invisible, flush ceiling, honeycomb louvre design.

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Morton Warren

Through this collaboration with John Cullen Lighting, Zuma’s unique value proposition is elevated to a whole new level.

Morten Warren – Zuma Founder

Meet the must-have solution for luxury sound and light

John Cullen and Zuma have together created a ceiling-flush audio and lighting system – the very essence of luxury home design. A honeycomb covering louvre of just over 2 inches means, when installed, the design is nearly completely invisible, only revealing a discreet pinhole baffle.

The unit can be plastered in flush, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of the ceiling. Ingeniously, the Zuma unit can still be removed without damaging the ceiling plaster work.

The masters of sound and the masters of light

This groundbreaking new approach to home audio and lighting is a first of its kind – bringing together Zuma’s downlights embedded with speakers, engineered by some of the best minds in the business, with the lifestyle-focused, architectural elegance of John Cullen’s preeminent lighting expertise.

Enjoy the immersive, multi-room quality of Zuma’s unique spatial audio array from a invisible solution devised by John Cullen’s leading design team – all connected wirelessly for complete convenience and controlled using Zuma’s intuitive app.

Discreet, design-led excellence

The Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen downlight features full-flush adjustable fitting, a honeycomb louvre to provide glare protection, and a unique, pinhole aperture for mastering tight beams. This allows the speaker light to employ a reduced beam angle of 38 degrees.

With no protrusion below the ceiling, and a unique ‘cape’ that blocks any view into the ceiling void, its an aesthetically subtle way to preserve the clean lines and design integrity of any space. And with it’s IP65 rating, it can be installed in any room, including the bathroom.

Wireless sound and light for the modern home

From behind its visually discreet honeycomb louvre, the Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen downlight features some of the most advanced wireless sound and lighting technology available today.

In an array, the compact, HiFi grade loudspeaker fills each room with sonically stunning, spatial audio – offering exhaustive playback options from streaming services, radio, audiobooks and more. An advanced LED light engine delivers lumen and colour temperature tunable lighting with a CRI of +90.

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