Welcome home to natural sound and light.

We are naturally enveloped by sound and light as we move through life. Yet no matter how we arrange our speakers, soundbars and lamps, we never quite recreate this immersiveness where we desire it most: in our homes. We’d like to change that.

It's like Headphones for the Room.

Zuma creates a canopy of sound that immerses you in the music – the feeling becomes a window on an acoustic scene. This is because an array of Zumas uniquely produces a constant high direct to reverb ratio that delivers a more satisfying and comfortable way to experience and enjoy sound.

Typically a listener will be at a consistent distance that approaches near-field of the radiating speaker sources. This means that you can listen and enjoy music for longer with little room distortion or resonance fatigue.

Enjoy your favourite music, concerts and movies with multiple Zumas effortlessly filling the room with amazing audio. Listen to rain sounds and feel like you’re in the eye of the storm.

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Human Centric Lighting.

Zuma’s Circadian mode mirrors the intensity and colour temperature of natural light, boosting mood, energy levels, sleep patterns and general wellbeing. Or simply fine tune the light to suit you. Say goodbye to lighting that is only on, off or occasionally dimmed. 

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Introducing Wellbeing by Zuma.

Research has shown just how influential the optimal combination of natural light and sound is to our mental and physical health, whatever the age.

Simply select one of our presets for a curated blend of light and sound experiences to enhance your daily rituals and tasks.

Lights, music, action. The atmosphere's your choice.

Turn a bathroom into a spa. A home gym into a spin studio. A bedroom into a rainforest. A family room into a cinema or concert hall. Immerse yourself in the experience. With Zuma there’s only one rule: you choose.

Manage all your rooms with a tap.

Connect your Zuma units to your existing Wi-Fi network and enjoy different sounds and light in every room of your home. Stay in full control with the Zuma App.

Understated. Overdelivers.

Elegantly understated by design, Zuma blends into any decor, dispenses with unwanted cables and plugs, enhancing any living space. Go round or square, flush or proud, and get the perfect finish. And get a sound quality that is anything but understated.

Deceptively simple installation and removal with Zuma’s patented blade system™.

Reduce the cost and time spent on fit out and commissioning. Our Blade System™ minimises rework and risk of plaster damage. Remove the need for complex integration and convoluted control systems.

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