Zuma Bezels

The ultimate finish to your sound and light

Zuma downlight bezels are a magnetically detachable outer finish for your Zuma units, available as standard with every Zuma you purchase. They come in a range of designs and styles, so you can customise Zuma to fit your room’s aesthetic.

For a totally hands-free experience, add our new Smart Bezel Voice™ – with integrated microphone sensors for full Alexa Built-in™ voice control of your sound and lights.

Choose your perfect bezel

What’s the right look for your home? Zuma bezels offer multiple style and design options.

Shape | Choose from a square or round bezel shape.

Fit | Choose from a ‘standard’ or ‘surface mounted’ ceiling fit.

Design | Choose ‘Simplicity’ for an understated look, or ‘Supernova’ for a beautiful geometric motif.

Smart bezels

Upgrade to Smart Bezel Voice

Smart Bezel Voice™ discreetly and easily integrates Alexa Built-in™ voice control into your Zuma system, giving you totally
hands-free control of your home’s sound and lighting.

Smart Bezel Voice can be added to any existing Lumisonic and comes in both square and round models.
With matching bezels for a consistent aesthetic, only one is needed per room.

Discover Zuma Lumisonic

Zuma Lumisonic is an LED light and a HiFi speaker,
intelligently paired inside a single downlight.

Discover Zuma Luminaire

Designed to work alongside Zuma Lumisonic, Luminaire
delivers natural, tunable lighting throughout your home.