How do I control the volume?

To control your audio volume on Zuma Lumisonic, tap into an area you wish to control.

Select the ”Sound” tab and make the necessary adjustments.

If you are using an app service such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Prime/Unlimited you can also use the audio controls from these apps and see a summary within the Zuma Sound tab.

How to use Bluetooth to play audio?

To use Bluetooth as an audio source, navigate to your area in the app and tap on the settings icon.

  • Enable Bluetooth by toggling the slider to on.
  • After a moment, your Zuma area will appear within the ‘Other Devices’ section of the iOS Bluetooth Settings.

You can now play audio on your device which will then be routed to your Zuma speakers.

TIP: Once the Bluetooth option has been enabled, you will then have 2 minutes to pair your device as part of the Discovery process.

How to control audio playback in Zuma app?

You can control audio playback options like Stop/Play/Next by opening the application you are playing the audio from.

Alternatively, if audio is being played by your guest, navigate to Zuma app, select the area the music is being played on, and select ”Sound”.

You will be presented with the option to stop audio playback.

If you have Amazon Alexa enabled, you can also manage this with the Amazon Alexa app or with an Amazon Alexa voice-enabled device too.

How to use Spotify with Zuma?

To play your favourite tracks, podcasts, or radio.

  1. Open the Spotify App, and select a song.
  2. Navigate to ‘now playing’ (by default at the bottom of the app).
  3. Tap on ”Listening on” and select your Zuma area.

Select your Zuma area from the list and you are ready to go.

TIP: This feature also works when using Spotify on an Android mobile, tablet,  or an Apple iPad or Mac computer.

Can I play Spotify from an Android mobile or tablet?

Yes, if you are on the same network as the Zuma area.

  1. Open the Spotify App, and select a song.
  2. Navigate to ‘now playing’ (by default at the bottom of the app).
  3. Tap on ”Listening on” and select your Zuma area.

Select your Zuma area from the list and you are ready to go.

How to use Airplay with Zuma?

To play audio content directly from your phone, open the Control Center on your iPhone (Depending on the model of the phone, it can be a swiping gesture from the Upper Right corner going downwards, or from the Home button, a swiping gesture going upwards).

Control center layout typically shows the ”Now Playing” screen on the upper right portion of the screen with the Airplay symbol above it.

Select the Airplay symbol and select your Zuma products from the list.

How to use Zuma with Apple TV?

You can play Apple TV audio to your Zuma Area using the Airplay option.

  1. Play the audio that you want to stream from your Apple TV.
  2. Press and hold Apple TV App/Home button on the Apple TV Remote for a couple of seconds to bring up the Control Centre.
  3. Select the AirPlay icon.

Choose the Zuma Area you want to stream system-wide audio to.

How to use Radio on Zuma?

To access and enjoy our curated radio stations on your Zuma, open the Zuma app and tap into your area.

Within the Sound tab, tap on the Radio station you wish to listen to, and you are done!

How can I pan the audio to left and right channels?

By default, all Zuma Lumisonics are set to mono-channel array audio.

You can change this setting to left, right, or leave it as mono, on an individual basis, for each unit using the Zuma app.

Here’s how to do this:

1) Open the Zuma app and select your area.

2) Tap on the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the window.

3) Scroll all the way down to ”Stereo Configuration” and tap ”Configure”.

4) You can use the ”Locate” button to confirm the location of each unit.

5) To change the audio channel,  tap on the channel button to toggle between left, right, and mono audio settings.

What built-in Radio Stations do you have?

Within the Radio icon you will have access to some of the most popular Internet Radio stations in the UK. So whether you’re into popular music, news or talk radio there should be something here for you:

Absolute Radio 70’s
Absolute Radio 80’s
Absolute Radio 90’s
Absolute Radio Classic Rock
Absolute Radio
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1Xtra
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC Radio 5
BBC Radio 5 Sports
BBC Radio 6
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio Wales
BBC Wolrd Service
Capital FM
Capital Xtra UK
Classic FM
Gold Radio
Heart 80s
Heart Radio
Heat Radio
Jazz FM
Kerrang! Radio
Kiss FM UK
KISS Fresh
Magic Chilled
Magic Radio UK
Magic Soul
Planet Rock
Radio X UK
Smooth UK
talkSPORT 2
The Hits
Time Radio
Virgin Radio UK


How do I control Zuma lighting?

To control your lights, navigate to the area you wish to control. Tap on the Light tab and you will be able to adjust the lighting brightness, colour temperature, or manually select a lighting scene.

What is the range of LED colour temperature?

Zuma LED lighting offers a temperature lighting colour spectrum from 3,000K of warmness to 5,000K of coolness.


Can I manage each light independently?

Within an area all Zumas light settings will be centrally controlled to have the same values.

What is Circadian lighting?

Within the Light tab of your Zuma area, you can select the Circadian scene.

When Circadian has been selected your room will follow an artificial ‘sunrise to sunset’ that travels through illuminance levels and colour spectrums from a warm colour spectrum from 3,000K of warmness, to a  cooler 5,000K and back again.


How to use the Wellbeing feature?

Within an area, you can access the Wellness tab which has a number of curated lighting and audio scenes to help enhance your mood.

These are:

Morning Ritual – Start your day to the warmth of the sunrise and the calming sounds of nature and distant gongs.

Forest Rain – Warm dimmed lights mixed with subtle rain sounds, blocking out ambient noise to provide natural rest and relaxation.

Energize – Energize to bright daylight and the alternating sounds of the ocean, designed to block background noise.

Concentrate – Cool light, supported by the sound of altering beat sessions to enhance focus, concentration, and creativity.

Inner Peace – Unwind to this daytime jungle ambiance, featuring high-definition soundscapes from the Brazilian rainforests.

Sound Healing – Detox in clear light with the healing sounds of the 741HZ Solfeggio frequency, known for its ability to purify mind and body.

Meditation – Experience stress-relieving meditation with relaxing light and music, natural sounds, and tones in the 7-13 Hz alpha range.

Rejuvenate – Rebuild your strength with low warm light and 528Hz sounds, linked to reducing stress and boosting self-esteem and longevity.

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