What's the right amount of Zuma for my room?

Each room is a personal and unique space.

Here at Zuma we generally recommend having 1m space from a wall edge where possible.

For lighting we recommend Zuma’s are spaced 1.2m apart for kitchens and bathrooms and 1.8m apart for other areas.

For audio, 1 Lumisonic per 3.5sqm gives you a superb immersive listening experience.

What is the cut-out size required to install a Zuma in a ceiling space?

A Zuma requires a 95mm Hole saw bit to create the holes in your ceiling cavity.

What is the minimum depth within a ceiling cavity to install a Zuma?

You will require 131mm from the fair face of the ceiling to install a Zuma Lumisonic.

This will be checked as part of our Survey offering. If you are installing Zumas as part of a project, please check with your designer or contractor.

Can I use Zumas alongside control systems, like Lutron, Crestron or Control4?

Yes, drivers for these systems are available.

Zuma can be best controlled from the central controller rather than downstream of dimming modules for the best user experience.

Alternatively it can be treated as a ‘switched load’ which will power up by default to 50% brightness and subsequently give you granular control using the Zuma app or Alexa.

What's the maximum number of Zumas I can install in a room?

Our experience during testing and quality assurance is to recommend up to 9 Zuma’s per room.

If you think you need more or are simply unsure and want further advice, give us a call and we can help advise on what would work best for you.

What's the recommended maximum distance between Zumas in a room?

We would typically say up to 5 meters between the two furthest Zumas in a room should be fine.

Can I use Zumas alongside traditional light switches?

Yes. If you use open/closed switches you can wire a simple control connection to the main Zuma unit.

These switches could be push on/off or rocker types to suit.

Will I need to change my electrical wiring?

Depending on your Zuma room solution this might be the case. As part of your order, Zuma are offering a complimentary Survey where a trained Zuma installer will visit your install location to recommended what’s needed to support a smooth installation when they come back to complete the installation.

Can I install Zuma in a bathroom?

Yes, Zuma has a rating of IP65. Therefore it can be installed in bathrooms, as well as other rooms within the home.

What is the standby consumption of a Zuma Lumisonic?

Zuma Lumasonic units have a resting consumption of around 3.5W. This rises marginally when music is playing and to around 13W when lights are set to 100% brightness.

This is compliant with the EU and FCC directives on energy consumption for smart speaker products. Zuma are committed to energy efficiency across their product range and work with the relevant standards bodies in each territory.

Zuma App requirements and availability

The Zuma app is available for iPhones running iOS 14.4 or later.

A download link is available from the bottom of this page.


Can I connect a Zuma to my network using Ethernet?

At the moment connecting via ethernet is not supported. However, Zuma devices do have a USB-C connector port which is for diagnostics.

Note: The USB-C connection port on a Zuma device is a proprietary service port. Connecting a Non-Zuma device could damage your product and invalidate your warranty.

What are the network requirements?

Zuma works like other devices on your home network. If you can view content from YouTube and stream audio from services like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime/Unlimited Music, and TIDAL, you’ll be fine.

As part of the Survey, we’ll help check to ensure that you’re all good to install and enjoy.

Our network requirements are broadband with a minimum download speed of 5Mbps to stream from popular services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime/Unlimited Music.


What takes place as part of the Survey?

The Survey itself will take approx. 45-60 minutes. A trained Zuma installer will help check the installation area and advise on items such as Zuma configuration, electrical wiring requirements and ceiling preparation along with testing your home network to ensure you have the most optimal experience once installed.

Think of it as a pre-flight check of ‘light and sound’ before take off!

Do I need a survey?

As this is a revolutionary new category of smart home device, we at Zuma want to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Once you have placed your order a member of the Zuma team will be in contact to help book in a date and time for the survey to take place.

Can I still order and not have a Survey?

Sure. When you place your order a member of the team will be in contact to confirm this is the case.

Our goal is to provide the Survey for free to help ensure you get the best possible customer experience from your Zuma.

Can I re-organise my Survey date?

Sure, sometimes this is the case.

However, to help us both, if you do need to re-schedule we advise 5 days notice to help reschedule in the smoothest possible way.


What's the install experience like?

After completing the survey it should be relatively simple. A Zuma trained installer will attend, prepare your area, and then install your Zuma into your room.

Once physically installed and powered up, the Zuma installer will then assist you to setup your Zuma on your iPhone and ensure you are good to go!

If you are going to use your own installer, you can find our install guides within our Resource Library area.

How much would an install typically cost?

The cost of an installation will vary based on the number of units being installed and the area that they are being installed in. A typical Zuma installation costs between £220 and £320 (4-8 units). However, the finalised installation cost will be determined by the outcome of the survey.

If you do not have a survey, you should check with your installer directly as to how much the installation will cost.

Will you help to connect my Music Services?

Sure, as part of the onboarding experience our Zuma trained engineers will be able to help show you how to use Music services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime/Unlimited Music & Tidal.

This includes showing you how our Radio channels feature works too!

Will I be able to get help after the install?

Of course! Our Zuma team will be able to help you to manage each of the services such as lighting, radio, music and working with devices such as your Apple TV.

You can contact us via phone, chat or email using the links below.

Can I re-organise my Installation date?

Sure, in order to reschedule an install we will need 5 days notice.

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