Living Spaces

Ask to dim the lights, set the best colour temperature and enjoy your movie. No Sound-bar or subwoofer required, no unsightly cables, plugs and sockets, just a captivating and immersive soundscape.

With Zuma you can uniquely use a combination of sound and light to transform your home into a space that can ignite emotions and speak to your senses.

The way we live our lives today means we lay, sit or stand when we listen to music or watch TV. With Zuma there is no sweet spot, the sound is all-around you, enveloping you. Connect your phone and play your favourite music service. Connect your TV streamer for instant home cinema. Use Alexa or the Zuma app to set the perfect sound and light to suit your mood and the occasion.

Manage all your rooms with a tap

Zuma’s App allows you to connect multiple zones in your home, quick easy access to internet radio and swift control over your lights, tone and colour balance.

Stay in full control with the Zuma App.

Download the Zuma App from the Apple App store

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