The kitchen has become the heart of the modern home.

Today it needs to deliver much more than just a space for cooking. Listening to music, watching TV, doing school-work and entertaining friends and family now constitute a significant proportion of time spent in this incredible living space.

Zuma provides a fantastic addition to any kitchen project. Zuma declutters the space and brings wireless multi-room audio and human-centric lighting together in one super easy-to-install solution, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any mood or occasion, without compromising on design.

For optimal kitchen solutions with multiple unit orders, please contact us for a free virtual home survey.

Manage all your rooms with a tap

Zuma’s App allows you to connect multiple zones in your home, quick easy access to internet radio and swift control over your lights, tone and colour balance.

Stay in full control with the Zuma App.

Download the Zuma App from the Apple App store

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