Clean, simple sound and light in every room

Zuma brings hands free, near invisible sound and light to every room in the house. Free yourself from cables and clutter, and integrate Zuma across your whole home. 

Below, you’ll find four common room set ups to explore and inspire.


Entertain, prepare meals, and relax with the perfect music and lighting for the true heart of the home.

Living Room

Living Room

Dim the lights, set the perfect colour temperature, and immerse yourself in your movie night’s soundtrack.



Transform your bathroom into a luxury spa with our mindful sound and lightscapes – perfect for a bath.


Achieve a restful night’s sleep with tunable lighting and white noise audio, and wake up to your favourite tunes.

Even a single unit sounds great, but when they’re installed in multiples the sweet spot vanishes and you’re bathed in glorious audio

Case studies

Case Studies

Discover how Zuma helped transform customers’ homes with our real life case studies.

Configure Your Room

Our easy to use online tool helps you plan your perfect Zuma system, room by room.


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