Inside Zuma

Precision sound and light design

Inside Zuma’s compact chassis, you’ll find some of the most technically sophisticated light and sound engineering available today.

Zuma has been developed by a team of world-class acoustic engineers and industrial designers – a collaborative project from the people behind Native Design, Naim Audio, the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus loudspeaker and Hive, the smart home industry leaders.

Here’s what makes Zuma unique.

Zuma component parts

A groundbreaking compact loudspeaker

Zuma’s superb, spatial audio is driven by a next generation,  HD-audio Class D monolithic amplifier and controlled by a best-in-class audio quad core processor.

Each channel is actively filtered and managed by advanced DSP algorithms to maximise detail and performance.

Our bespoke two-way speaker system incorporates a unique, long-throw 3 inch super formed aluminium cone. Every aspect of the design and enclosure has been tuned and refined to ensure it delivers pace, rhythm and extraordinary detail.

At the centre of the Lumisonic design is our high-performance  horn loaded silk dome tweeter that has been developed with ultra-wide dispersion for improved clarity and room coverage. The Lumisonic features 22 individual patents covering its unique design and build, with another 15 pending.


An intelligent LED light engine

Zuma’s low energy LED light engine has been developed to achieve high-definition natural light with a 90 CRI (Colour Rendering Index) for top of the range colour rendering.

Zuma’s warm to cool colour temperature settings enable more human centric lighting conditions that can mirror the day’s naturally changing light temperature.

With over 100 increments of dimming, our custom designed high performance LED system is able to render a natural Warm to Cool colour range of 2800k to 4800k. 

You can easily create the ambiance of an intimate candlelit dinner, or a fresh morning workout in the gym – all from our app’s interface, or via voice command with the Smart Bezel Voice™ .

Built for the future

Every part of Zuma is designed and built to be software updatable - meaning your home’s sound and lighting remains at the leading edge of home tech for years to come. 

With Smart Bezels, you can integrate even greater control and convenience into your home sound and light – like fully integrated Alexa voice control from our Smart Bezel Voice™ that’s discreetly and almost invisibly blended into your ceiling.