How it works

Smart sound and light that just works

Zuma app

Zuma is designed to fit effortlessly around your home and lifestyle. Install quickly, connect instantly, and control seamlessly – with no fuss required.

Apple AirPlay WiFi Bluetooth alexa

Easy to install

There are no bulky amps or control systems to house. In fact, Zuma is deceptively simple to install as new, or retrofit into existing fittings. You can even use your home’s existing switches and wiring. 

Our unique Zuma Blade System™ reduces installation time and minimises the risk of rework and plaster damage, even on removal.

Easy to connect

Once installed, your Zuma units connect over home WiFi, giving you complete, wireless control of a room’s sound and light from the Zuma app. 

You can control up to 200 units in one home, meaning Zuma can be used to create a whole-home, multiroom sound and lighting system, managed from your mobile device.

Listen to different audio in every room, or connect the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and study together to create an entire party house.

Room connections

Easy to use, every day.

From the Zuma app you get total, granular control of your home’s light and sound.

Choose and play audio directly from your favourite music apps – Zuma works with leading music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. You can even utilise hands-free voice control with Alexa. 

The Zuma app is your go-to control system. Play music, adjust lights, relax with a wellbeing preset. It’s up to you.

Zuma App, select radio station

Listen to your
favourite radio

Zuma app - ambient light and colour

Control the
ambient light
and colour

Zuma app - control every room

Connect every
room to control
your home

Zuma app - control the music

Control the
music you
listen to

Zuma app - well-being presets

Create wellbeing
pre-sets to
reflect your mood

Create your Zuma system

One room, two rooms, or the whole home? Whatever you’re looking to achieve with Zuma, you can make it happen. Use our interactive design tool to help configure your dream Zuma system.