Stream Music, podcasts, Movies, Audiobooks and all your favourite content through using the simple to use Zuma App.

Entirely custom-designed and engineered in the United Kingdom

Developed over 4 years with an international team of world-class engineers and technologists from Silicon Valley, London, Cambridge, Frankfurt and Vienna. Zuma incorporates pioneering innovations that enable superior sound from an ultra-compact form factor.

The HD audio class D monolithic 75-watt amplifier is controlled by a best-in-class quad-core DSP processor supporting lossless 24bit/192khz audio. Superior audio streaming synchronisation (100uS) and advanced DSP algorithms maximising detail and sound stage performance. Zuma is capable of filling your home with richly detailed, immersive sound for music, movies, radio, podcasts and audiobooks from your all favourite streaming services.

The specially delved woofer drive unit produces crisp, clear vocals and rich bass through our unique superformed aluminium cone specially manufactured in Britain. Zuma’s patented horn tweeter has been developed with ultra-wide dispersion for improved clarity and room coverage.

Installed as a downlight array, Zuma can achieve a constant high direct-to-reverb ratio that normal loudspeakers cannot.

This is important; the listener hears diss distortion created by the room and objects in it. Consequently, Zuma listeners enjoy a dramatic increase in the comfort and intelligibility across the entire listening area, compared to conventional loudspeaker setups.

Better Lighting.

Zuma’s low energy LED light engine has been developed to achieve high-definition natural light with a 90 CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and is at the peak of colour rendering quality.

Zuma’s warm to cool colour temperature settings enable more human centric lighting conditions that can mirror the day’s naturally changing light temperature.

Most homes have 80 CRI or lower, which leads to muddled, dull colours and hues. Lights with higher CRI ratings more accurately show true colours.

Ready to re-imagine your home with superb lighting and invisible sound.


Dimensions & Specification
Magnetic Attachement
Dimensions: 104.5 (W) x 104mm (L) x 4.5 mm (D)
Works with all Zuma Models
Works with proud or flush type installations
Available as Smart Bezel for voice control


Dimensions & Specifications
Magnetic attachement
Dimensions: ⌀113.5mm x 4.5mm (D)
Works with all Zuma models
Works with proud of flush type installations
Available as a smart Bezel for voice control

Simple one-touch control across all your smart-home needs

The Zuma App offer intuitive and effortless control from your phone or using your voice through the Zuma Voice Bezel

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