Today’s bathrooms are a place to revive and relax.

They provide a comforting space to unwind at the end of the day or get you moving on busy weekdays. The bathroom can provide an escape that can be effortlessly enhanced with human-centric lighting, a perfectly curated touch-free playlist and Wellness features that help you leave your stresses behind and sink into a world of relaxation.

Immerse yourself with relaxing music, or take a shower under a tropical waterfall. Whether it’s to relax or unwind, or to excite and energise. With Zuma you can uniquely use a combination of sound and light to transform your home into a space that can ignite emotions and speak to your senses.

Manage all your rooms with a tap

Zuma’s App allows you to connect multiple zones in your home, quick easy access to internet radio and swift control over your lights, tone and colour balance.

Stay in full control with the Zuma App.

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