Sound & Light. Reinvented.

Zuma is a new way to experience natural high quality colour rendered lighting and truly immersive high-fidelity audio. A unique ultra-compact, high performance loudspeaker with a low energy LED light - all housed within a stylish, deceptively simple to install, ceiling light fixture - it discreetly becomes part of your home.

Powerful Platform.

High performance architecture that’s future proof.

High-Fidelity Audio.

A canopy of sound that effortlessly surrounds you.

Human Centric Lighting.

Natural, dimmable and colour tuneable low energy LED lights.

Fits effortlessly in your ceiling.

Simply replace your ceiling downlights with Zumas for a revolutionary sound and light experience. Explore how Zuma can transform your living spaces.

Straight edged & exceptional

Set a few millimetres proud of your ceiling

Straight edged & exceptional

Inset completely flush with your ceiling

All round excellence

Inset completely flush with your ceiling

All round excellence

Set a few millimetres proud of your ceiling

Ready to reimagine your home?

Zuma is wireless, and supports multiple zones or rooms within your home. Explore our product range to get started.

Make your house your home, not a technology showroom.

Declutter your space, say goodbye to unsightly ceiling speakers, devices, endless cables, plugs and overloaded sockets.

What people are saying


“The sound quality is hugely impressive, with a three-dimensional clarity and volume that is immersive and resonant”


Wallpaper logo linking to Zuma article


“A smart home device for minimalists, the Zuma is a light and speaker that contains multitudes”


Livingetc logo linking to Zuma article


“Zuma Lumisonic: an ultra-compact speaker light from the engineer of B&W’s Nautilus”


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“Suddenly, custom installing smart lighting and a multi-room, concealed speaker system is SO much simpler”


T3 logo linking to Zuma article

“…a class apart, offering wireless convenience and superb sound quality whether you’re using voice control or a smartphone.”

BBC Music Magazine

“It has been designed not as a Bluetooth connected consumable, but as a benchmark for the next evolution of connected devices”.

Develop 3D Magazine

“…there is a sense of dimensionality and space to the sound that is extremely alluring.”

Hifi Plus

“Imagine a clutter free future where cables and boxes disappear and all your essential tech is hidden away in your ceiling.”

Financial Times

For the way we live our lives today.

Connect your phone and play your favourite music service. Connect your TV streamer for instant home cinema. Use Alexa or the Zuma app to set the perfect sound and light to suit your mood and the occasion.

Where to put your Zumas?

Explore how to get started and transform your smart home into a wow home. Start with one room. Wonder why you didn’t buy more.

Years in the dreaming & crafting.

Experience it yourself.

Please visit our showroom in Central London to experience Zuma first hand.

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