Where light and sound are one.

We all want fewer devices in our homes.  A home with smart lighting and amazing audio shouldn’t mean endless gadgets, plugs, cables, and bulky loudspeakers.

Zuma is a new wireless way to bring premium high-fidelity audio into any room through your ceiling lights.


Zuma Connectivity

Zuma Light System

Here to create the perfect living environment. Zuma’s high performance, LED smart lighting, engineered to last years, gives you an excellent natural colour atmosphere to suit any mood. 


With a colour rating index (CRI) 90 we are at the peak of colour rendering quality and natural smart lighting. Not only that, but our custom circadian rhythm feature means lighting instinctively matches the natural light of the day, supporting your wellbeing and your body’s natural rhythm to improve energy levels and sleep patterns.

Zuma Speaker System

Zuma lights come with a powerful 75-watt speaker, capable of filling your home with rich and detailed sound. From Airplay to Spotify and Alexa – pick your music streaming service and play. Our best-in-class wireless synchronization enables you to connect every room in the house with high-definition audio.


Simply connect your phone or TV to Zuma for instant access to audio to suit any mood; from calming atmospheric soundscapes to evening ambiance or dynamic surround sound. 

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